Ideally we would continue to see kids in our office when they are sick. However, until COVID-19 Pandemic is over, telemedicine is a great alternative to help us keep all our kids healthy and recognize when they are truly sick, perhaps even needing immediate medical attention.

To make an appointment for telemedicine visit, call our office at 770-483-4431

All potential telemedicine visits will be triaged by our nurses to determine if telemedicine is appropriate. Not all illnesses can be dealt with telemedicine. It is also possible that the provider may start a visit and then decide that it’s in your child’s best interest to see them in the office. 

TELEMEDICINE Instructions for caregiver:

Before the visit:

  1. Weigh your child
  2. Check your child’s temperature
  3. If possible, check your child’s heart rate or pulse. (Can use the app on the phone)
  4. Write down all the medicines your child is taking
  5. Write down your child’s symptoms including how long they had it
  6. Write down any questions you have
  7. Make sure you have a flashlight handy in case provider needs to look at throat or other area closely
  8. Sit in an area with good light

Click here few minutes before the visit to check in.


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